1. I've been having Saori's treatment for years now and she will always be my best and only reflexologist! Love her blended oils, relaxing music during the treatment - often fall asleep which I like, a chat before and after the treatment and so on. Highly recommended!!
    Keiko . H
  2. When I first experienced reflexology from Saori I felt like it was a journey to a safe, beautiful place where peace of mind comes naturally. It took me to an another dimension and brought relief of tension I was longing for. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to expand their mind and relieve their body.
    Agata . B
  3. Through the treatments I received from Saori I had discovered how powerful reflexology can be as a healing tool. Since the very first session I could go into deep relaxation where my body would let go of the accumulation of tensions and stiffness. My mind could tune in to the depth of my body and everything else external was cut out; this also was facilitated by the sound Saori uses which I felt it was like a sort of 'sonic spiritual guide' and which really enhanced the inward journey. Not only I felt I was getting the physical healing, but also I felt clearly a sense of special sacred timeless connection with my non-physical being, that 'silent being' that lives inside me which I never get a chance to meet.I felt safe and that I could let go, even when I felt pain in certain points I could feel the benefit of it. At the end of the treatment I always felt as I had been on a timeless journey from which I came back with an unusual inner calm and joy.
    Katia . B
  4. Saori's reflexology treatments are beautifully meditative. During the sessions I feel able to completely switch off and reach a deep level of relaxation that I rarely feel otherwise. The addition of music played through earphones helps you feel completely absorbed by the treatment and Saori's warm nature makes the overall experience very calming.
    Suzie . H
  5. A reflexology treatment from Saori is one of the best gifts that I can give to myself. First of all, having this caring attention on my often neglected feet is amazing. But that's just one side of it as Saori's treatments are fully immersive experiences. The sessions are complemented with aromatherapy oils and relaxing / deep reaching sounds. This multi-sensory journey allows me to reach a meditative state in which I can totally give in to the treatment. But above all this, you can easily tell that Saori loves what she's doing and for me, that's what makes the big difference. During the treatments we noticed that my adrenal glands were overworking. After a chat Saori made me realise that adrenaline gives us a kick and that can be addictive. Living in a big stressful city, adrenaline is part of my daily life but being aware of this helped me avoid certain situations that raise my adrenaline level in excessive ways.
    Uran . A
  6. Having a demanding job with a lot of travelling I often experience stress, water retention, jetlag, period pain, back pain, stomach issues, I could go on. Before trying Saori's reflexology I went to massage, acupuncture and other forms of complimentary therapy but have since only done reflexology as I was blown away by the deeply relaxing holistic experience of this 60-minute foot massage with music. It's like being taken to a dimension where meditative calm prevails and you can feel your body shifting energies and healing. You wake up refreshed and energised. I highly recommend the health and mental benefits of Saori's magic hands.
    Miléne. L
  7. The reflexology treatments Saori Ito gives are a health treatment as well as a soul stroking experience. It is one of the few things within stressful, hectic London life that I look forward to the most when it comes to treating myself to some healthy and healing time. It energises me in the same way as it relaxes me on a deeper level. It allows me to switch off from daily life, energy and thoughts around work or other worries, revitalising my body and soul. The aroma and zen music Saori provides with the sessions are a very complimentary element which makes the experience even more fulfilling. I would recommend her treatments to anyone who have either a physical or physiological problem as well as just to spoil yourself. Great value for outer world treatment.
    Katja . B
  8. I did't know what to expect when I booked my very first reflexology treatment with Saori. It turned out to be a wonderful and profound experience. I felt I was totally taken care of. Also the sound I was listening through the headphones during the treatment was enhancing the joy of my experience. Saori found a few blockages exploring my feet and she gave great advise about how to tackle them in order to move forward in my life. Highly recommended.
    Alexsandro . M
  9. Saori is a professional, organised practitioner. I have really enjoyed my treatments over the past year. I have experienced many reflexology treatments whilst living in Asia but Saori's combination of ambiance, music and technical skill are outstanding. I would highly recommend a reflexology treatment as I am always left invigorated and balanced.
    Kiren . P
  10. I have never met a person like Saori, someone so caring and so loving. Having had the treatment for more than a year now I feel like Saori has become a close friend. Thanks to her magic touch and many years of experience she always manages to take me out of that hectic and stressful environment and put me into complete relaxation. She surprises me and gives me advice on how to take better care of myself. I love her approach to feet reflexology, the music, the tea, the energy.
    Tommy . W
  11. Having suffered from stress and anxiety for as long as I can remember, i've always been slightly sceptical of alternative treatments and I had been told that reflexology could sometimes be quite painful. However, Saori was extremely skilled in applying the pressure points in the appropriate places, concentrating on the 'problem' spots. This combined with the soothing, meditative music which she brought for me to listen to during the treatment and the complimentary choice of aroma oils was such a treat and the perfect therapeutic remedy I could have experienced. An extremely worthwhile treatment with a supportive and all-round knowledgeable reflexologist.
    Nanette . L
  12. Since I met Saori I knew she was the person I was looking for, her presence and energy allow me to know that her treatment was going to work. I was overdue in my pregnancy at 41 weeks and I was a bit anxious as everybody started to call me, send me messages and e mails asking for the baby. Saori came on Wednesday for the first time to treat me with reflexology and two days after, Lucas was born without any complications at home! Since then, I have been asking Saori to come to our place and help me and Nicolas, my husband, with treatments to relax the body and mind that needs attention after the birth. Reflexology has helped me a lot with all the hormonal imbalance, anxiety and tiredness after the birth, and I'm so grateful with Saori for that!
    Maria P. M
  13. Feeling joyful, loving and excited about life for weeks after your amazing gift!
    S . M
  14. I really loved it so much. My heart was vibrating with joy. Felt grounded and happy after! - B.M
    B . M
  15. I've had a lot of reflexology treatments with in my life, but Saori's treatment was incredibly thorough. She doesn't miss anything! - M.T
    M . T