Reflexology For Pregnancy, Natural Birth and Post Natal
Bringing a baby into the world will be one of the most eventful times in your life. Sometimes it may be unpredictable and leave you feeling somewhat overwhelmed. Pregnancy will be much more enjoyable if you feel confident and in control of the situation. Most of the problems that occur during pregnancy are the result of hormonal changes within the body, nutritional deficiencies or the shift in weight distribution caused by sudden weight gain.  

During the pregnancy, maternity reflexology can be a great support to women not least because you get a two for one treatment as your growing baby can be felt and even seen on the foot too, it can ease many uncomfortable problems relating to pregnancy and improve your general well-being.

Studies have shown that starting reflexology by 32 weeks can reduce the need for induction by 70% as well as reduce labour time down to just 4 hours, thus reducing the impact of stress and anxiety allowing your body to naturally and effectively prepare for childbirth. Certainly my experience as a maternity reflexologist reflects this. Reflexology has a soothing effect on both mind and body.  Not only does it help prepare for a timely and straightforward birth, it is also a great way to help manage both the physical and emotional pressures many experience during pregnancy.

If you pass your due date and don’t relish the idea of medical intervention with a drug-induced labour, leading to the sudden onset on painful and in some cases non productive contractions, an alternative may be considered. Reflexology may stimulate the release of oxytocin by the body to encouraging the onset of uterine contractions naturally, keeping the mother in control, and is more effective than a hot curry. I have a very high success rate with previous clients. Reflexology is also effective for pain management during labor.

​Mums might start asking if reflexology can bring on the labour for them - but in line with the aims of balancing the body, if it's not time for the baby to budge then it will stay put. However, having received reflexology will make sure that your body is in the best possible state to deal with the labour.

Other benefits of Reflexology in Pregnancy include:
* Provides a sense of well-being and helps prevent problems from starting
* Reduces swelling in feet and ankles
* Relieves ligament and groin pain

* Improves sleep quality
* Relieves backache and sciatic pain
* Relieves nausea and vomiting 
* Aids digestion

* Creates a sense of well-being for the foetus
* The mother feels supported mentally, physically and emotionally throughout  pregnancy
* Reflexology during labour can intensify contractions and shortens labour as a result    

Benefits of Post Natal Reflexology:
* Returning your body to balance following the delivery

* Release compression of the spine & sciatic region that may have occurred during pregnancy
* Rebalancing Hormones to assist with regulating moods
* Support as your menstrual cycle returns to normal
* Increase flow of energy and fresh blood to organs to help them recover

* To regulate sleep-wake cycles and encourage good quality sleep
* To counter balance adrenaline and cortisol with serotonin
* Boost immune system
* To relax body and mind and provide some time just for you
* Increase circulation to help with any remaining water retention

When Should It Be Avoided?

  * Pre-term labour - at any time before 37 weeks
  * Placenta previa - if Grade II or III after 32 weeks
  * Hydroamnios - if there is too much amniotic fluid around the baby after 32 weeks.

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