Reflexology To Love Your Self
Do you feel guilty of spending time just for yourself? Do you feel you are not creating the life you want?  Then you might be depleting your energy for what is not important for you. Life force is the creative energy. We want to use it wisely to live the greatest version of ourselves and our life. You know what you need to do next to live the life you want, but you just can't take that first step? That's when you need self love ritual, and my reflexology treatment might be the one for you. Feet are the under rated hard working sacred place where tens of thousands of nerve endings are located. I LOVE receiving reflexology when I am low energy, because nurturing reflexology is one of the perfect physical manifestation of self love for me. From holistic perspective whenever we supress true self, we also supress our immune system. 

Receiving this non invasive treatment is also a great opportunity to have a break from sabotaging mind. Through consultation we may find out what kind of belief system you have is depleting your energy, and we let the subuconscious mind to learn new belief by repeating affirmations during the treatment, which in turn create much needed space in your mind to let the creative energy flow through you.

There is no 99% commitment. There is only 100% commitment or no commitment. Make your mind up that you love yourself 100% and be caring and compassionate including the parts you want to improve and emotions you don't like. Only after you can love yourself as you are right now 100%, you can start serving yourself and people around you effortlessly as you are in very much fullfilling way. 

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