Saori developed her treatment session by combining east and west, ancient and new, receiving and practicing various holistic healing and spiritual practices in different parts of the world over the years.

She witnessed and believes that bodywork is powerful healing tool to help her clients to release accumulated tension, feel grounded and connected with their body and to bring back their own natural healing power and instinctive creative nature.

1976 - She was given birth in Enzan(Salt Mountain) in Yamanashi in Japan. It is called Salt Mountain due to its crystals. Saori started massaging her grand parents when she was 7 years old. 

1999 - Move to London to pursue MA in Fashion Design
2002 - Drop Out from MA and leave to India
            Join Meditation Yoga course in Vashisht, India
2003 - Get Married / Start working as a full time fashion designer
2005 - Joins Fair Trade ethical fashion brand People Tree
2008 - Divorce 
2009 - Thai Yoga Massage practitioner course - Thailand
            Transendental Meditation Course - London
2010 - Art Therapy Foundation course - London
2011 - Leave full time fashion desginer position - 
Vipassana 10days Silence - Invited to stay in Kauai by chance and she joins local healer and artist community and continued with her healing practice and healing exchange and joined Lomi Lomi workshop and Reflexology training at Golden Lotus Massage School. 
2012 - She continued her exchange with local body workers, therapist and artists in Okinawa, and qualified for Reiki 1-3 level by a teacher direct lineage to Dr. Mikao Usui. 

After she returned to UK, she was qualified as a Reflexologist and Holistic massage therapist by ITEC international specialist examination board, and have been treating thousands of clients since.
About Saori
Related Training and Qualifications
  • ITEC Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Complementary Therapies - Diploma - London, UK
  • ITEC Reflexology - Diploma - London School Of Massage 
  • Preconception, Pregnancy & Post Natal Care - Diploma - London School Of Reflexology
  • Face Reflexology Practitioner Course -  ​Diploma - London School Of Reflexology
  • ITEC Holistic Massage Level 3 - Dipoloma - City Literary Institute - London  
  • Indian Head Massage Practitioners - Diploma - Gateway Workshop, London, UK
  • Applied Colour Psychology - Personal Consultant Course -  London, UK
  • Reiki 1-3 - (Samasati) - Okinawa island, Japan
  • Reflexology Practitioner Course - (Golden Lotus Studio & Massage School) - Kauai, HI, USA
  • Vipassana 10 days silence -  Lampoon, Thailand
  • Art Therapy Foundation Course - (British Association of Art Therapists) -  London, UK
  • Practitioner in Traditional Thai Massage -  Koh- Phangan, Thailand
  • Transcendental Meditation Course - London, UK
  • Meditation Yoga Intensive Course - Manali -India
  • EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique Whorkshop - Bath, UK